3D STL model for CNC Icons IK 0029
Vassa Pskovo Pecherskaya

High quality 3d model developed by our studio in St. Petersburg. Designed for CNC machines.

It can also be used in visualizations and prototyping.

You can contact us to adjust or change the model after purchase.

The STL price already includes:

  • Proportional resizing
  • Division into parts
  • Adding anti-aliasing
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Vassa Pskovo Pecherskaya Vassa Pskovo-Pecherskaya, also known as Vassa of Pskov, was a 16th-century Russian Orthodox nun and icon painter. She is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Vassa was born in Pskov, Russia, and at a young age, she entered the Pskov-Pechersk Monastery, where she devoted herself to a life of prayer and asceticism. She became known for her piety and humility, and she was eventually ordained as a nun. Vassa"s most notable contribution was her skill in icon painting. She was known for her beautiful and spiritually inspired icons, which were said to have a special power of healing and spiritual protection. Many of her icons are still venerated today in churches and monasteries throughout Russia. Vassa"s life and works exemplify the Orthodox Christian belief in the sacred power of icons as windows to the divine. She is remembered as a holy woman who dedicated her life to prayer, fasting, and the creation of sacred art. Saint Vassa Pskovo-Pecherskaya is celebrated on October 8 in the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar.
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