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3D models of armchairs to order
3D models of armchairs to order 3D models of armchairs to order

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If you send a photo or sketch you get a copy of the product in the form of a 3d model, or - if necessary 3d model can be changed according to your requirements
A large database of models presented on the site, will reduce the time of preparation of the order - by taking a suitable model from the range of the site
Models are developed prepared for production - they are, with knowledge of the technology of furniture production, divided into elements from which the final product is assembled

We have extensive experience in cooperating with furniture manufacturers and can often reasonably advise how to technically make the product


Models developed by us are suitable for use in PowerMILL, ArtCAM, and similar programs

Models received from us are divided into component parts, such as supports, armrests, reigns, backs
A large number of models are freely available for you to try different scenarios. Models for tests can be downloaded for free
3D models of armchairs to order
3D models of armchairs to order

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Carved armchairs. Types, CNC manufacturing, 3D models of upholstered furniture and armchairs.

The word «classic» is equivalent to «conventional». And it can be applied to any style that has rules and canons. But, the thing is that specifically the classic interior style was formed during several eras. And it was happening exclusively in the luxury apartments of palaces and villas. That is why the concept of classical style is associated with luxury, luxury and elegance. However, classical style is penetrated by harmonious and symmetrical building of interior elements, according to antique traditions. Very much it has absorbed in itself since the times of Ancient Greece and Rome.

In the article you may find out: What kind of chairs do exist, their difference? How can such armchairs be made on CNC machines? How to create a 3d model of this type of upholstered furniture?

And also you can check out our models for CNC.


Carved armchairs are most often armchairs made in classical styles.

Classic styles are distinguished by their elegance, the presence of complex decorations, plenty of lighting, light colors, symmetry, emphasis on antiquity, the choice in favor of expensive fabrics and quality materials, natural solid wood and so on.

The most distinguished features are:

  • Abundance of light. A large number of windows and at least a few sources of artificial light on different sides of the room. This rule applies to the entire house. Even deliberately dark hallways, bathrooms and bathrooms are illuminated to the maximum;
  • Light colors and no sharp contrasts. All colors used are combined softly with smooth transitions;
  • Symmetry. It applies to everything. From the arrangement of windows to the arrangement of armchairs in the classic style. If there is only one object (a floor rug, a central coffee table), then it is surrounded by paired elements of furniture or decor;
  • Decor is used, but in moderation. At the same time it is not very flashy. Although, the ornate palace styles are also part of the classic group;
  • Emphasis on antiquity. You can choose any of the styles in the group or even a separate period, but the whole room should be decorated in a single time era;
  • An abundance of textiles. Woven wallpaper, curtains, drapes, bedspreads. The more fabrics, the better;
  • Elegance and lightness. Forget about massive objects, similar to pedestals. Even large furniture is made as open and open as possible. Carvings, glass doors and open fronts are successfully used for this.

The most popular classic styles can be called: Empire, Baroque, classicism, neoclassic and Provence.

Each style direction has its own characteristics and thus certain features are inherent in the armchairs, made in one or another style.

  • Baroque is the maximum luxury and splendor. The style is royal. Majestic, but a little chaotic. At this time tried to show all the best at once. Chairs in this style have the richest decor, often decorated with intricate ornate carvings. They could be covered with gilding. The colors are mostly contrasting. The upholstery is often burgundy. And wooden parts are light or gilded.
  • Classicism is an austere classic. It reaches for symmetry. The decor is usually austere, in pairs, there may be a central element and additional - but necessarily repeating each other. However, these armchairs are no less refined and stately, as are all classics.
  • Art Deco armchairs are characterized by the use of antique decorative elements and legs in the form of animal legs and armrests in the form of wings of mythical creatures.
  • Provence is characterized by simplicity and lightness. Colors are chosen in lavender, blue, and gentle pastel shades. The upholstery can be done in a simple small flower. Decorative carved elements - not much, but they are present. Chairs in the Provence style resemble armchairs from dollhouses. Tender and romantic. They fit perfectly into the interiors of bedrooms or children's rooms for girls.

Nevertheless, beautiful armchairs with carved decoration are in high demand and look good in a variety of modern styles.


 The main disadvantage of classic carved chairs is their high cost. Especially if these chairs are handmade. However, more often than not, artfully carved decor on modern wooden furniture is made on CNC machines.

This method allows you to create really beautiful, expensive products, with intricate carved decoration, in any quantity, but does not require painstaking labor and long months of work.

Buy 3d models of classic carved chairs for the production of CNC machines, you can on the website.


On the web-site is represented more the 100 ready-made models of chair to buy. Here is the link: (https://stl24.com/en/catalogue/chair/)

But if it turned out that you’d not found the appropriate option that you wish, we provide you great opportunity to modify any model presented on the site or to create own, unique, 3d model (by picture, sketch or photo).

We use stl format that allows you to begin quickly to build a control program for the machine and well suited for all editors (whether Artcam, 3dMax and other special programs for CNC machines).

In general, the development of 3d models of upholstered furniture includes the following steps:

  • Receiving a job from the customer (perfect if you give the most accurate description of the desired appearance of the future furniture, accompanied by photographs, pictures, sketches, or detailed descriptions)
  • Creation of the primary 3d model of an armchair or other type of upholstered furniture for approval by the customer
  • Production of 3d model for CNC - for this model must be divided into parts and pieces, take into account the specifics of the machine.
  • Model can be coordinated several times to the version that suits both you and your customers.

Contact our manager if some may occur!

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