3d models of doors

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3d models of doors

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3d models of doors

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3d models of doors

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3d models of doors

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Designing door models. Features.

Nice carved doors can be made on CNC machines. The material for the production of doors is usually solid wood (it can be oak, beech, pine, birch). Either MDF or chipboard can be used. The most beautiful doors are usually decorated with intricate carved ornaments.

Below you will find out how the door design is developed, how the modeling takes place, what are the peculiarities of door leafs, suitable for those or other interior styles. What should be taken into account by purchasing 3D models of doors to order or by purchasing ready-made ones.


We can say that door design has been developed since ancient times. Of course, in those days it was not called design. Rather, it was considered a special kind of art.

Masters decorated doors with exquisite carvings, sometimes painted or covered with gilding and even instructed with precious stones. Of course, such doors were very expensive and only crowned heads or churches could afford them (just remember the doors for iconostasis, which were called Royal Gates - the complexity and intricacy of their decor can only be amazed and admired).

Today, almost everyone can afford to have a beautiful exquisite door with the original carved decoration. In this case, the door will not only serve its directed function - to close the room from outside looks, but provide sound and thermal insulation either. Such way of decoration will definitely be pride of the house's owner. And also highlight the style, add needed raisin and beautify it.

Door design is developed taking into account customers' preferences and desires, as well as the key style direction in the interior. A preliminary assessment of the final cost of the door leaf has been made. Data is clarified on what models are already on the market, what models lack are of and what models are in overabundance.

Usually the phases of door design include the following steps:

  • Clarification of the work term and the customer's wishes, viewing various examples.
  • Creation of a drawing or a sketch expressing the key idea (made by hand or directly on the computer).
  • Creating of a 3d model of the future product in ArtCam, 3DMax and other similar programs for the development and design of various products.

Door modeling allows you to see the final result before the product is even produced. An evaluation of it, making corrections in time, ultimately make sure that this is exactly what you need.

By the way the 3-D models are used in manufacturing. With the help of a program is set for a CNC machine (The model must be in stl format!). The machine cuts out the decor with utmost accuracy. The finished door will be sanded, varnished or oiled, stained or colored, decorated with gilding of separate parts and offered for sale.

The machine can make any number of doors on one 3d stl model. This makes ordering such models extremely profitable.

Types of doors:

Doors can be different:

- Swinging

- Folding

- Sliding

And all of them can be both one-leaf and double-leaf. The choice will largely depend on the size of the doorway, the type of room, the personal preferences of the customer, the interior style (for example, in a classical style will be appropriate only swing doors, but not folding and sliding, more about the styles below).

The most common are hinged single-leaf or double-leaf (the latter are used for more significant rooms - usually for the living room or other rooms of large size, for public spaces).

Styles of doors and their features:

Door design mostly depends on the concept of style design. And, whether the usual, conventionally standard, door for modern interiors can be bought in ordinary stores, but to find interesting carved options, made in any other styles - is much more difficult. A breach of the style of the interior, even by such trifles as the design of the doors is extremely undesirable. This introduces a certain imbalance into the whole picture as a whole and the perception of the room. Therefore, for each style it is better to choose doors, decorated with a carved decoration in a suitable style.

  • Classic: for the style, doors made of solid wood, without glass inserts, decorated with panels, pilasters, rosettes, any other decorative elements are suitable for this style direction. The main rule - laconism and symmetry of the decor, the severity of ornaments, key to the classic motifs. Such doors are suitable for the now popular neoclassical style. And will be very in demand among customers who are longing for beauty and authenticity.
  • Baroque: doors in this style are usually decorated with gilding, beautiful and intricate carved decoration, with a lot of ornate plant ornaments, carved elements - voluminous and lush, Baroque allows almost any decorative liberties. Similar to it and the style of Art Deco - even more pompous, theatrical and flamboyant.
  • Art Nouveau: in the design of doors made in this style will be appropriate asymmetric, plant patterns, flowing lines, panels of different shapes and sizes, bas-reliefs with traditional subjects for Art Nouveau (e.g. plants, lianas, girls with long flowing hair, etc.).
  • Provence - doors made for this style are usually painted in light pastel shades (they can be a bit pinkish, lilac, lettuce), in terms of design, such doors can be decorated with glass inserts, not complicated, laconic decor. Usually these are panels, small carved decorative overlays in the form of an elegant flower sprig or bouquet of flowers, in the form of garlands or rosettes.
  • Japanese style - door leaves can be decorated with carvings depicting traditional decorative elements typical of Japanese culture, as well as bas-reliefs with blossoming sakura branches, cranes, hieroglyphs. Often divided into 6 or more segments by cross bars.
  • Arabian style - in this case, the design of the doors and their modeling will involve the presence of bizarre decor in the form of pointed arches, small, but lush pattern, reminiscent of Arabic ligature, as well as all kinds of lattices.
  • Modern style - doors in this style can be decorated with simple geometric decorations, made in the form of classic squares, circles, rectangles and in any other style. Our modelling artists create a door model to suit your requirements and wishes, no matter how fantastic the decoration is supposed to be.


The following types of carved decor are most often used to decorate doors:

  • Cornices, columns, capitals, pilasters
  • Decorative rosettes
  • Fillets
  • Crown moldings and crowns
  • Carved overlays, moldings
  • Panels and bas-reliefs
  • and many others.

For more details on the different types of carved door decor we wrote in the following page. See the article: Door decor: ready-made 3D models for a CNC machine.



Our website offers a wide range of models of individual decorative elements for CNC machines and ready-made 3D door models.

- Any of the presented models we can be refined according to customer's wishes.

- Besides there is always the opportunity of creating models to order according to your photos, sketches, terms of reference.

Many companies , deal with doors, building firms and furniture makers are co-operating with us. This is, due to the fact, is convenient and profitable to work with us. Our modellers have huge experience, knowledge and excellent taste. Design of doors which modeling is made by us - you will be glad for sure, as well as the high quality of models, convenient stl format and excellent prices.

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