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With your photo, within a week we will create a 3D bas-relief modelfor CNC

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Convenient to work with

We will calculate the cost and time required for modeling at once. The price will be fixed for you. After we receive your advance payment, our trained 3D artists will create a 3D portrait relief.
For the recent 15 years, we have already embodied hundreds of bas-reliefs of different people. The key thing in a bas-relief is a portrait resemblance and achieving it takes just a couple of adjustments to make it look similar for both us and the client. We work without any additional payment until the result suits you.
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Quality and time

Our staff is the best portrait artists who graduated from the higher specialized educational institutions of St. Petersburg
Therefore, portraits look as similar as possible, recognizable and anatomically correct.

With a photo, we can create a most similar 3D model.

We provide you with screenshots of the model with dimensions in front, profile, and angles.

If you wish, you can make adjustments and the shape of the model will be brought to perfection until it suits you.

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In the gallery below you can choose how you want the screenshots to be submitted for your approval

We always make corrections to custom models free of charge.

We bring the model to your 100% satisfaction.

Usually, it takes only a couple of adjustments for a model to completely satisfy the client.

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order 3D model

How to place an order

The price depends on the time required to create the model.
We calculate the cost of work at once and make it fixed for you.
Send us an email or a message or fill in this form.
You can reach out to us through this form, use the chat on our website or send us an email.
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Full figure and portrait sculptures

We also develop models of busts with portrait likeness. See examples here.
We get a lot of orders to create models of monuments and tombstones. You can see the examples here.
Write to us on WhatsApp or email info@stl24.com
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Monuments and tombstones: order 3d stl models for CNC machines

We develop 3D models of monuments and tombstones. We will help you to expand the range and produce new beautiful products on CNC machines.

There is an opportunity to make 3d models by photo, sketch, description. Taking into account any of your wishes.

In this article we will tell you about the features and differences of monuments and tombstones. And also about how to order models for CNC.

Monuments and tombstones, features, differences, history:

A headstone is a cross or stone or sculpture that is placed on the grave of the deceased.

In principle, monuments and headstones are considered synonymous in some cases.

But the monument, unlike tombstones, can be far from the place of burial. And serve as a reminder of some situation, a memorable event.

In addition, tombstones are mostly personalized. They are most often dedicated to a specific person. And monuments can be abstract and represent some collective images (for example, a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War).

The main task of both monuments and tombstones is to preserve the eternal memory of a person. Or a reminder of an important event. Highlighting burial sites among others. Demonstration of honor and recognition.

The material for the manufacture of monuments and tombstones is usually natural stone of hard rocks (marble or granite, less often - limestone, gabbro, sandstone). In some cases, sculptures or crosses can be made of solid wood.

The choice of material is primarily due to durability and weather conditions, because monuments and tombstones are most often located on the streets, which means that they must resist the impact of rain, winds, sun and snow. Stone is the most stable material, which is not afraid of temperature fluctuations and environmental changes, humidity and other indicators.

Tombstones and monuments can have a variety of different types. Much will depend on the tastes and wishes of customers, on religion, on the traditions of the family, on the maximum cost of the future product and other factors.

Most often the 3d model of a monument or tombstone represents:

  • Cross (characteristic for Christian graves, can be made of wood or stone)
  • Stela (is the most common variant of tombstones in the world, used in different cultures and religions, steles can differ in shape, can be more rounded or square, high or low, can be decorated with additional decorations in the form of crosses or angels).
  • Obelisk - a tall stele with a pointed edge - mainly placed on mass graves, or as a monument to soldiers.
  • Slab - unlike a stele does not stand above the grave, but lies on it. Slabs as well as steles can have different shapes. They are often decorated with epitaphs, prayers and carved decorations.
  • Statue (or bust) - these types of tombstones are decorated most often with graves of famous people.
  • A combination of several of the above options. For example, a cross with a sculpture. Stela with a cross. Stela with a bust. And so on.
  • Rarely - some unusual variants, for example, a tombstone in the form of a tree.

Usually additionally on the tombstone or monument can be present:

  • A portrait of a person carved on the material,
  • A cross, or a crescent moon (if it is a Muslim),
  • Images of angels, weeping women,
  • Flowers carved from wood or stone, or other objects and symbols (e.g., domes, candles, doves as symbols of purity, etc.).
  • The name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, or a dedication - to whom the monument is dedicated,
  • Epitaph or poem, prayer,
  • Some additional elements related to the personality or sphere of activity of the person to whom the monument or tombstone is dedicated, for example, a weapon if the person was a military man, a helmet if a builder, a book if a writer or teacher, etc. These elements can be depicted in the form of sculpture, or bas-relief (carved volumetric decoration carved on the material).

There is also a version that male and female monuments should differ from each other.

Male - more massive, strict, high, sharp. Appropriate deliberate roughness of lines.

Female - a little smaller, lighter, more graceful. The lines are smoother and rounded. Thereby emphasizing tenderness and defenselessness. Women's monuments can be more abundantly than men's decorated with flowers. In addition, it can be a stele made in the form of a heart.

CNC manufacturing:

Modern monuments and headstones are often made on numerically controlled machines.

The machine gives ample opportunity to create beautifully carved decor. Easily carves on monuments and tombstones complex artistic pattern, words, prayers, quickly and efficiently creates sculptures, busts, bas-reliefs, crosses with carved ornamentation.

Modern machines cope well with the work on stone. Requires only the purchase of special cutters.

If you are engaged in manufacturing of monuments and tombstones on CNC machines, you can expand your assortment due to our 3d models.

After all, it is on the model of the future product is built program for the device. And it is from the appearance of the model largely depends on the quality of the final product.

On our site presented several ready-made models in the section: 3d models of monuments. In addition, you can always order the production of 3d models on your specifications. Our artists modelers will cope with the task of any complexity.

3d model, manufacturing to order:

The process of creating a 3d model includes the following stages:

  • Receipt of the technical task (including the desired photo, sketch, detailed description of the desired 3d model).
  • Manufacturing of the model and its coordination with the customer
  • Preparation of the final version and transfer of the file for building the control program to the CNC machine.

The model can be general, suitable for different situations. Or it can be personal (taking into account the purpose of the monument or tombstone, specifics of the person's activity, with his portrait or bust).

The customer can always offer his options, which should be present on the final product.

In addition, any of the models presented on our site can be taken as a basis and simply finalized according to your order.

In addition, convenient Stl format, will allow you to independently further edit models, adding or removing something, changing inscriptions and using the same model for the manufacture of different products. That will provide a high return on investment of the model.

We are distinguished by favorable prices, high quality models, convenient payment methods, customer focus.

Call, write or leave requests on the site.

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