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3D statues

With your photo, within a week we will create a 3D statue model for CNC
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Fine work

Our 3D sculptors create portrait-like faces and anatomically correct figures
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3D sculpture

We often get orders for models of monumentsin the form ofsculptures. If the client wishes, we can give the monument a portrait resemblance.
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3D models handy to fine-tune

We make adjustments within 1-2 days, so you will appreciate the speed we work at.
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Perfect for production

We will break the model into parts depending on the requirements of the manufacturer and ensure the perfecttriangulation.
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from different angles

We will prepare screenshots of a model from different angles for you to approve. If you have corrections, we will make them quickly and free of charge.
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Statues, sculptures and figurines: making 3D models

Statues and statues are in demand when decorating interiors, they can become a real decoration of the room.
3d modeling will allow you to create a model of a statue or statuette and subsequently produce products of any complexity on CNC machines or 3d printers, any other devices that you have.

In this article we will tell you about what statues and statuettes are, where they are in demand, how they are made on CNC machines, and how to order a 3d model in our company.


  • Interior decor of the house, apartment, office,
  • Decor cafe, restaurant,
  • Decor of any other public premises
  • In some cases as monuments, for decoration of churches and temples (statues and statuettes of religious orientation).


Statues and statuettes in the interior look particularly stylish and attractive. They are placed in living rooms, in hallways, in bedrooms, in bathrooms.

A small statuette can be placed on a shelf, in a bookcase, on a coffee table. A full-fledged statue most often stands on the floor.

Statues and statuettes emphasize the chosen style of interior, complement the space. In addition, they can emphasize the character, specific activity or hobbies of the owner of the room.

Many statuettes have their own additional meaning. Images of royal animals as a symbol of power. A pair of men and women as a sign of peace, harmony in relationships, angels or cupids as a symbol of purity and blessing.

As for the style, ethnics prefers figures of cats, Egyptian pyramids, pharaohs, images of leaders, shamans, carved masks, baroque - are figures of people in the costumes of those times, Provence - graceful birds, bunnies, images of girls picking wildflowers, etc.


On the CNC machine statues and statuettes can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Solid wood of various species
  • Stone (marble, graphite)
  • Some other materials, certain types of plastic, composite, etc


Statues and statuettes can represent:

  • Image of a man or woman, any other images of people, famous or not, in different costumes and outfits, depending on the specific activity of these people, the idea of the designer, the purpose or style of the room. In some cases it can be people without clothes at all, if it is conditioned by the artistic idea
  • Animals (most often in sculpture they are lions, griffins, eagles, in statuettes - cats, dogs)
  • Any characters, mythical, fairy tale, characters from movies, TV series, cartoons, games, etc.
  • Any inanimate objects and objects - architectural structures, machinery, models.

In principle, there are no strict restrictions regarding the choice of the image of the statue or statuette. It can be anyone or anything.

CNC machine will make any sculpture, and our artists modelers will draw a 3d model of any complexity and adapt it to the requirements of your device.

Creating models of figurines and sculptures, stages:

Usually 3d modeling includes the following steps:

  • Receiving the technical task from the customer,
  • Formation of the sketch, if the sample was not sent in advance (technical task may include photos, pictures, drawings, which will make the task clearer and more accurate, and may involve an approximate description of the desired 3d model).
  • Creation of 3d model of the future product. Coordination with the customer. Quick revisions and providing a ready stl file for work on CNC or other devices.

Manufacturing on CNC:

The possibilities of CNC machines in 3d cutting are so wide that these devices cope even with three-dimensional objects - sculptures, statuettes.

All you need is to prepare a 3D model of the future product and build a control program for the device.

In the future, the CNC machine will cut out the finished product with extreme accuracy, following the instructions of the software.

In addition, with the help of 3D model of the future product, you or your customers can "see" in advance how the finished product will look like. That greatly simplifies the work. After all, if necessary, all the corrections can be made in advance, long before the product is ready, and to correct anything will be much more difficult and costly.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Fast terms of fulfillment of 3d models of statuettes and statues to order. In general, the time of making a model of any complexity from the moment of receiving the task takes on average about 1 week.
  • Free corrections of models
  • Convenient stl format
  • Excellent prices. Moreover - we immediately tell you how much will cost 3d model and do not change the value in the process of work
  • Experienced modelers with academic education
  • More than 15 years of experience in the field of modeling
  • High detail, accuracy and guaranteed quality of each model
  • Extensive catalog with ready-made 3D models (see sections "animal models", "statue models", "mask models" and others).

We are cooperated and trusted! Call and you!

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