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3D models for CNC and printing

For many years we have been designing and selling custom and ready-made models from our catalog for private clients all over the world

Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC
Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC

Types of our 3d services:

We develop a 3D model based on the photos of icons you provide. If necessary, we can make changes to the icons: change the background, plot, make another frame of the icon
The site offers a wide range of already developed models, the purchase of which reduces as much as possible the time for making an icon for you or your customer
Especially for you, we have prepared a special selection of icons that we have not yet developed, but which can be ordered. You choose the subject you need - knowing the price in advance, and we will design

The main ways of using our models are CNC manufacturing and 3D printing

Polygonal STL

The models we develop are used to write control programs in PowerMILL, ArtCAM and the like

On the site you can see examples of models on which you can test our models for compatibility with the software and equipment you use
Icons 3D models for CNC
Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC
Icons 3D models for CNC Icons 3D models for CNC

How to order?

The price depends on the time of the model, its complexity.
The cost of the work we tell immediately

Send us an email or messenger or use the form
In response to your request, we immediately specify the cost and production time. Average development time 3-5 working days

Ordering STL models

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заказ 3D моделей для ЧПУ
Development of 3d models of icons for CNC. Modeling to order.

In this article, we tell you all about 3d model designing of icons. Here you’ll find out: how do we create it, process of ordering individual model of icon and difference in it. We will also tell you about emergence of carved icons and their popularity nowadays.

History of carved icon:

Icon carving is an art which has been experiencing a great renewal in Orthodoxy all across the world.  In the last 15 years we have seen several amazing icon carvers appear, with Aidan Hart in England, the Azbuhanov couple in Russia.  The art of miniature carving has also been  finding  a quality it had lost in the last few centuries.  I have shown some Serbian carvers here as examples of that, George Bilak and Branislav Derkovic.

Because of its particular tactile and durable quality, relief icons were once the art of choice for highly manipulated objects such as book covers, pectoral crosses, processional and altar crosses, sarcophagi and reliquaries.


Today, icons are most often made with CNC machines. Due to the fact, a machine copes with the work of any complexity much faster and accurately. Thus, the finished item is always very beautiful, expensive and attractive.

Such icons are being well sold in church shops, bought for decoration of churches and temples, for home iconostasis and as gifts for believers.


  • Wearable Images
  • Pocket mini icons and car icons
  • Icons triptychs and folding icons
  • Medium and large size, temple icons

Carved icons most often portray shape of saints. The background, frame, and decor may vary. In some cases, the image is entire panel with stories from the Bible. Sometimes icons copy popular images from painters. In other cases, exclusive images are developed by order.

CNC machine allows you to make a complex carved 3D image on the future icon quickly, qualitatively and very accurately. And regardless of the size of the icon will cope with the cutting on excellent. The main thing is to have the right 3d models in your collection.


Usually milling machines are used, and are capable of processing workpieces of complex shape. After all, modern carved icons are characterized by the presence of a large number of tiny ornaments, which makes them more attractive and interesting. Therefore, the high accuracy of the cutting equipment is very important.

Moreover, we can say that the creation of extremely realistic and yet three-dimensional 3d images became possible only with the advent of CNC machines. Manual work was simpler, rougher, more primitive.

Electronic control unit makes cutting almost autonomous or semi-autonomous, provides quick and accurate execution of milling on the material. Important role is also played by properly selected cutters. For artistic processing cone cutters are most commonly used.

Usually the cutting of icons on the machine includes several stages. First a roughing pass. Then the finishing pass. The choice of cutters depends on the stage and the complexity of the picture.

Finished products are grinded, varnished, sometimes additionally applied toning or patinated, gilded or painted.

The material is most often solid wood of valuable species. It can be oak, beech, birch or ash.

Finally, an important role is given to 3d modeling icons. After all, according to the model built the control program of the cutting device.


The development of an icon is done in several stages.

1. Selection of references (it can be picturesque icons, photos, sketches), or giving the terms of reference from the customer.

2. Specification of order details (shape and size of the future icon, wishes on the frame for it, on the background, on additional details).

3. Detailed drawing in special editors (Artcam, 3DMax), stl format.

Modeling makes it possible to get a detailed sample of the future product. Thanks to the model, the customer can see in advance how the product will turn out and, if necessary, make timely corrections. Finally, it is the model he will use to build the control program for the machine.

For more details about the process of creating 3d models for CNC, we told in a the article (see link).


You can order 3d modeling of icons with us. Our specialists will produce an icon in the shortest term.

  • We have ready-made designs of icons in our catalog.
  • It is always possible to order the icon by your sketches, photos and descriptions.
  • By the way there is a function of refinement of any models.

We do people choose us:

  • High quality models
  • Detailed drawing
  • Convenient stl format
  • Great Prices
  • Individual terms of cooperation with each customer
  • Free finalization of the model in the process of working on it, to the full approval of the customer.

Still have questions? Ask our specialists! We are always ready to consult for free!

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