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You can easily pick a ready-made model from our catalog. If necessary, we will change the dimensions or tweak the décor. Any idea of yours is welcome.
You can provide us with a sketch or photo of a product you want to get, and we will design a 3D model based on it. Should you have anything changed – we are all for it.
Browse our vast catalog – who knows, maybe the desired model is already there for you. You will save a lot of time and get what you need within a couple of hours.

Most of our clients are CNC millers, foundries, and 3D printer prototyping specialists.

Polygonal STL

95 percent of the models we create are polygonal ones for PowerMILL, ArtCAM,and other CAM programs.

You can break a model into parts, add elements or modify it yourself.
You can download free models from our website and practice on them. Among the free ones there are a lot of complex expensive models.

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The price depends on the time that will be spent on the model’s development.
We calculate the cost of work in advance.

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Panels and bas-reliefs: types, cnc manufacturing, 3d models to order.

A carved panel is a bas-relief made of wood. A bas-relief is a three-dimensional image. The plot can be anything: characters, portraits, compositions and objects, abstractions, architectural objects, biblical motifs, etc. The choice depends on the purpose of the room and the wishes of the customer.

The first panels and bas-reliefs appeared in ancient times, in Rome, in Greece, in Byzantium. Previously, they were used only to decorate temples and palaces. The materials were gypsum, clay, wood.

Today, panels and bas-reliefs (or molds for pouring) are most often made on CNC machines. On our site there is a huge range of ready-made 3D models of panels. In addition, there is always an opportunity to develop models to order.

If you have your own production, equipped with CNC machines, then for 3d models can contact us! It is convenient, profitable and with a guaranteed decent result!

But, let's, about everything in order....

In this article we will tell a few facts about carved panels, what it is, where they are used, how they are made. And we will also show our 3d models for CNC machines.

About panels and bas-reliefs. Application. Features:

With the help of carved panels made on CNC machines from wood, you can decorate the walls and facades of buildings, furniture, fireplace portals and other products.

The panels can be made as a decoration of the product, and can be an independent picture. Bas-relief in this case either occupies some part of the area of the wall or product, or its entire surface. Any bas-reliefs look very stylish, complement the environment, decorate products. Give a special elegance and charm to the interior.

Allow you to emphasize the style of the room or direction of activity (for example, panels with portraits of writers will look great in the walls of the library, panels with images of the Kremlin - in state institutions, panels with religious subjects - in churches, temples and rooms for religious meetings). Sometimes with the help of panels decorate baths and saunas. Restaurants and cafes. Children's institutions. The plot will largely depend on the activities of the company or the purpose of the room. This applies to home interiors .In the children's room will look good panel with characters from fairy tales, cartoons or panels with a map of the world, in the kitchen - with fruits and vegetables, still life, with flowers, in the living room - people and animals, or plots, traditional for a particular style of interior.

A great option for any interior and abstract compositions - for example, the wall above the sofa can be decorated with three-dimensional flowers, rhombuses, circles, waves. This will give a real zest to the interior.

Panels in the form of individual paintings can be a great gift.

Bas-reliefs are different from each other. For example, there is a high relief (this is when the image is very voluminous and strongly protrudes above the surface, on the verge of transition to sculpture), flattened bas-relief (the image minimally protrudes above the surface). Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to create on the material absolutely any images of any complexity and any size.

The finished carved pattern can be painted in the desired color, or covered with lacquer, emphasizing the texture of wood. The material for manufacturing on a CNC machine is most often wood or MDF.

панно 3 д модель

3d model of a panel or bas-relief to order. Manufacturing of panels on cnc machines.

CNC machine, cutting on the material grooves and recesses, forms a volumetric pattern, creates the desired image. The machine extremely accurately follows the program. And the program is set with a 3d model of the future product. Thus, the manufacture of panels and bas-reliefs on CNC machines, as well as the manufacture of any other products, begins with a model of the future product.

The model will not only help to adjust the program to the device, but also allows you to timely assess the appearance of the future product, to coordinate with the customer, if necessary, to make corrections.

Development of 3d models of panels includes the following stages:

  • Receiving a technical task from the customer with similar wishes, with a photo or sketch of the necessary image on the bas-relief,
  • Execution of the sketch and coordination of 3d model for CNC with the customer.

We perform free revisions and produce 3d models of the panel fully satisfying the needs of the client. We work with private clients and with corporate customers.

In order to order a 3d model of the panel or bas-relief - contact us in any convenient way for you - the application form in the header of the site, messengers (Vatsap, Viber, Telegram).

On our site you can choose and ready-made models.

We have a huge range of panels suitable for different styles and directions. This will significantly save your time. In addition, any of the presented models we are ready to finalize your order.

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 And others.

We are distinguished by: favorable prices, high quality models, convenient Stl format, the possibility of repeated use of models and quick payback, individual approach to each client.

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панно 3д модель

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