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You will get a beautiful sketch that you can approach your benefactor with.
You will receive a beautiful sketch with which you can address the benefactor.
An experienced artist will discuss your wishes and on their basis will create a composition of the future iconostasis.
An artist with extensive iconographic experience, has designed a large number of iconostases, and easily finds a mutual understanding with the customer.
The sketch will be drawn exclusively for your temple.
Order a preliminary consultation
Order a preliminary consultation




This variant looks more convincing and clear, the relief is more readable.
It presents information about the future iconostasis more clearly.
On the basis of the artist's sketch 3D modeler and designer will create a volumetric model of the iconostasis.
You will receive images on which it will be possible to examine in detail all details of the future iconostasis.
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In 95% of cases iconostasis are made on CNC machines.
Choosing this option, you get a complete sketch and a full set of 3d models for further production.
With this set you can apply to any, even local manufacturer and make an iconostasis.
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What happens after the order

We discuss 1.5-2 hours
with you by phone
  • The artist, who will deal with the sketch and concept, will discuss all wishes with you before the work starts.
  • Suggest options for composition and stylistics. He will advise you on what is consonant with the historical features and style of the temple. He will advise you on what you can save money on and what you should not.
Prepare and approve
composition of the iconostasis
  • The artist together with 3d modeler will prepare a sketch-visualization of the future iconostasis.
  • You will receive for approval a sketch, developed taking into account the dimensions, and features of the room, ergonomics, stylistic features, temple icons.
  • The sketch is suitable for a request to the patron or as a basis for the development of 3d model for production.
Create a sketch, 3d project,
or files for production
  • When ordering a 3d project, you will receive a product developed in three-dimensional space. You will see the future iconostasis in volume.
  • Such a sketch looks more winning and convincing.
  • The future iconostasis looks as if "live".
  • In it will be clear absolutely all the moments that must be foreseen before production.
until you like it
  • Don't worry - we don't charge extra for adjustments and changes. We will make a sketch until you like it.
  • When ordering a 3d model for production, in addition to the sketch and visualization, you will receive carving files that can be made on CNC machines.
  • With such files you will be able to apply to the carpentry production and make an iconostasis.
Designed with our manufacturing expertise, the style of the temple and your budget in mind

Your order will be worked on by

A team of in-house specialists

It is with us that you will get not just a picture,
but a project that will involve
all necessary specialists
Creates the concept, supervises the author's supervision to ensure that the idea is in line with the design
Will check that the doors open, tiers withstand the load. Calculate the frame
Calculate materials, give recommendations on paint coating
Will check elevation differences and prepare models for CNC production
Provide historical justification for the project by familiarizing himself with the history of the temple.
Check all elements of the iconostasis in accordance with the stylistics and architecture
Ask a question to any specialist

Our achievements

We have designed and realized more than 100 iconostases
Our projects have been realized in Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy and Greece.
We have designed and produced the most carved home iconostasis in the world.
Thanks to experience and well-coordinated work of the team we give an attractive price for projects of similar level.
We work until you like it 100%.
We make each project unique and authorial!
Our achievements

Cathedrals, in which are presented
our products

Here you can familiarize yourself with the products manufactured by our company:
icons, religious panels, etc.
Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church of the Annunciation
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Smolny cathedral
Nikolsky sea cathedral
sea cathedral
Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ on the Blood
Cathedral of the Resurrection
of Christ on the Blood
And also in other churches and cathedrals of Russia.

Write to us and we will send you a selection of ancient iconostases

ancient iconostases

Download a selection
in different styles

It will help you decide which one to choose and form an initial understanding,
to consider the options of compositions

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6 reasons to order with us

All stages of the project are controlled by the chief artist

For the iconostasis project to be harmonious and harmonious, the main artist controls all stages of the project, according to his conception/p>

You will receive an author's project, not a standard one.

We develop each project taking into account the stylistic unity with the temple, taking into account the peculiarities of architecture and interior.

Necessary specialists take part in the design

To make the iconostasis pleased you for many decades in the project you need to observe many important aspects, apply the knowledge of different specialists: loads, materials, ergonomics, construction.

Projects taking into account the peculiarities of modern production.

We cooperate with manufacturers - we get feedback, which allows us to create projects that will be easy to manufacture and this will favorably affect the price.

We know what you can save money on and what you should not.

Our experts will tell you what you can save on in the design, which will slightly affect the appearance.

We have been designing for 20 years and we know the ins and outs of the process

We have already created a lot of projects and accumulated maximum experience in design. This has allowed us to create the most professional projects today

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