Today, the creation of high-quality 3D models is indeed in the extreme demand sincethe number of people who have CNC machines and 3D printers is growing every year. However, one cannot produce a nice product without the quality work of a professional in 3D modelling.

The model is an on-screen view of the product which is to be manufactured on a CNC machine and a reference for building a control program for equipment. With the help of the software, a specialist can adjust the necessary parameters to receive the desired product.

Given the demand, creates new variations every day, adding fresh options to its catalogue of 3D models for CNC owners, the ones you cannot find anywhere else. There are dozens of categories, in each of which you can find a variety of models foryour future products. However, sometimes you may need something unique for a particular project, which is not on the catalogue. Inthis caseyou can always place an individual order.

MAKING 3D models for CNC machines and 3D printers

Buying a customizedstl model you get a product that fully meets your expectations. Our specialists have a huge experience and are ready to discuss all the details of the future product, its sizes, technical parameters, decorative elements, and their position. You don’t have to prepare adesign of the desired model when ordering. You can simply explain your vision of the end product to our specialist, draw a sketch by hand or find a similar photo on the Internet.

Besides developingcustomized 3D models, wecan also tweak the models from our websitecatalogue. We change shapes, sizes, visual parameters with maximum accuracy and in a short time. We take into account special parameters of your equipment (CNC machine or 3D printer), which helps to avoid possible technical problems.

To place an individual order pleasefill in your contacts –name, email address, and phone number. Leave a short commentin the textfield regarding what you want to order, tweak, or modify. If you have a file with an example,sketch or photo of the model, please attachit. Our specialists will contact you shortly to clarify the details of the order. Then they will start creating a model according to your sketches and descriptionof requirements.

You can track the status of the stl file manufacturing process,make corrections, enquire about the production time and ask our 3D modelers anyquestions.You can contact us via any messenger, email or over the phone.


The online store of models for CNC machines is a company with many years of experience in creating customized 3D models. Our regular customers are some of the largest enterprises and best workshopsin the country. Ourcataloguehas several thousand unique models to suit all tastes. Achieving such results is only possible with the quality work of professional staff and a clear understanding of what our consumer wants.

We offer:

  • Creating a new model for CNC or 3D printer based on any pictures, photos, text descriptions or sketches. Our technical equipment and huge experience provides excellent quality and high artistic level of work.
  • Favorable prices and discounts for regular customers, including volume discounts.
  • Easy payment system.
  • Fast order processing and meeting deadlines.
  • Free professional adviceon working with CNC machines and the choice of their parts.

Working with us, you trust the creation of 3Dmodels to professionals and can be sure of the quality of the end product.

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