3D STL model for CNC Icons IK 0269

High quality 3d model developed by our studio in St. Petersburg. Designed for CNC machines.

It can also be used in visualizations and prototyping.

You can contact us to adjust or change the model after purchase.

The STL price already includes:

  • Proportional resizing
  • Division into parts
  • Adding anti-aliasing
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Model without anti-aliasing for editing

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Affection In Orthodox Christianity, icons hold a special place of reverence and importance. They are not merely decorative images, but are considered windows into the heavenly realm, connecting believers to the divine. Through icons, believers can express their love and devotion to God, as well as to the saints and other holy figures depicted. The act of showing affection towards icons is a common practice among Orthodox Christians. This can take the form of kissing the icon, bowing before it, lighting candles, or offering prayers. These gestures of affection are seen as a way to honor and show reverence to the sacred figures and events depicted in the icon. Icons are also believed to have a spiritual presence and power, and many Orthodox Christians believe that praying before an icon can bring them closer to God and the heavenly realm. The affection shown towards icons is a reflection of the deep love and devotion that believers have for their faith and for the sacred figures depicted in the icons. Overall, affection towards icons in Orthodox Christianity is a way for believers to express their faith, love, and reverence for the divine, and to seek a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.
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