3D STL model for CNC Icons IK 0095
George the Victorious

High quality 3d model developed by our studio in St. Petersburg. Designed for CNC machines.

It can also be used in visualizations and prototyping.

You can contact us to adjust or change the model after purchase.

The STL price already includes:

  • Proportional resizing
  • Division into parts
  • Adding anti-aliasing
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George the Victorious George the Victorious, also known as Saint George, is a prominent figure in Orthodox iconography. He is often depicted as a brave warrior on horseback, slaying a dragon with a spear. This iconic image symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, with Saint George representing the Christian ideal of courage, faith, and righteousness. Saint George is venerated as a martyr and one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox tradition. His feast day is celebrated on April 23rd, and he is considered a powerful intercessor and protector against evil forces. Icons of Saint George are commonly found in Orthodox churches, homes, and personal devotional spaces. They serve as a reminder of the saint"s courage and faith, inspiring believers to emulate his example in their own lives. The image of Saint George slaying the dragon is a powerful symbol of spiritual warfare and the victory of Christ over sin and death. It reminds believers to stand strong in their faith and trust in God"s power to overcome the challenges and temptations they face in life. Saint George is a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek to live out their faith with courage and conviction.
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