3D STL model for CNC and 3D printers - Vehicles CARS 0347
Train Passenger Coach Car

Designed for CNC machines and 3D printers.

Modification for 3D printer $50.

It can also be used in visualizations and prototyping.

You can contact us to adjust or change the model after purchase.

The STL price already includes:

  • Proportional resizing
  • Adding anti-aliasing
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Train Passenger Coach Car A train passenger coach car is a type of rail vehicle that is designed to transport passengers within a train. These cars typically have seats for passengers to sit or sometimes even beds for overnight journeys. Train passenger coach cars can vary in design and comfort level depending on the type of service they are intended for, such as commuter trains, long-distance trains, or high-speed trains. They are an essential part of any train service, providing a comfortable and safe way for passengers to travel by rail.
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