CNC stone machines. Features. Models.

In this article we will tell you about what are the differences between CNC machines for stone, what features have. And buy ready-made models for such machines or order the manufacture of models you can on our site. We guarantee high quality models and a decent result.
CNC machines for stone, features:

Machines designed for stone processing and equipped with numerical program control (CNC) are characterized by the following features:

  • Have increased strength, which is due to the specificity of the material to be processed,
  • Application of cooling system,
  • High spindle speed, which reduces the risk of rejects and is associated with high fragility of the stone,
  • Reliability,
  • Minimal stone processing time,
  • Low labor costs,
  • Ability to work with different types of stone (and not only, but also with different materials wood, metal, plastic, etc.),
  • High precision of work, including the possibility of using for the manufacture of the smallest products (for example, jewelry),
  • Ability to create beautiful three-dimensional carved products,
  • Many modes of operation.

Not important for CNC machines working with stone, and high maintainability. It is necessary that the machine can be repaired at any time.


Stone machines consist of the following parts:

  • Work table with high load capacity,
  • Bed and guideways,
  • Drive system for different axes,
  • Ball screws (in milling machines), high power spindles (in milling and engraving machines).


CNC machines that perform stone work are indispensable in the manufacture of a wide variety of products and are widely used in various applications.

For example:

  • In the sphere of ritual services allow to produce monuments, tombstones, slabs with decorations.
  • In the sphere of interior design allow to obtain beautiful stone products for houses and interiors, including finishing items, such as steps, tiles, furniture elements for example, bar counters, window sills, stone washbasins and sinks for bathrooms and kitchens,
  • In the field of architecture allows to obtain beautiful bas-reliefs, sculptures, carved decorative elements to decorate the building.
  • In the sphere of decoration of urban spaces, landscape design help to get beautiful statues and statuettes, landscape figures, monuments, art objects, sculptures for fountains and so on.
  • In the sphere of souvenir production and costume jewelry allow you to get beautiful unusual carved products made of precious and ornamental stones.

How to choose?

When choosing a CNC machine suitable for working with stone, it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  • The power of the device,
  • The material of the working field, its dimensions,
  • Type of mounting,
  • Motors,
  • Weight and dimensions,
  • Speed,
  • Types of materials to be machined,
  • What type of work will most often have to be performed and what types of processing will be used (cutting, milling 3d reliefs, engraving, volumetric designs, end milling, shaping and end machining, etc.),
  • Technical capabilities of the device, power,
  • Price (depends on the size of the device, its functionality, brand, etc.).


On our site you can buy ready-made models for manufacturing stone products on CNC machines.

You will be interested in the following sections of the catalog:

  • 3d models of statuettes
  • 3d models of monuments
  • 3d models of columns
  • 3d models of capitals

And many others. See the whole catalog.

In addition, you can always order individual development of models, depending on your tasks or the tasks of your customers. We produce models quickly, provide favorable prices, guarantee high quality. Models have a convenient stl format. At the same time, the price specified before the start of work will not change regardless of the number of modifications and revisions.

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