Fireplaces: types and styles. Selection of 3d models for cnc machines.

In this article, we will cover the key features of fireplace portals designed for different interior styles. This way, it will be easier for you to choose the right 3D model for your CNC machine.

Fireplaces came to us from the West. Their main task is not so much and only heating, but decoration, decoration of the interior.

Fireplaces create a special coziness, form a warm disposing atmosphere, complement the interior, it is a great association with the home hearth.

Beautiful portal for the fireplace will emphasize the chosen style of interior and give zest to any room.

It does not matter what type of fireplace will be - candle, electric, working, on wood or biofuel. Today we will talk about the shape and styles of fireplace portals. After all, it is they form the appearance of the product and the whole room as a whole.

On CNC machines can be cut out of the material - wood or stone, a portal for the fireplace of the desired configuration with a beautiful exquisite decor. All you need is a material and a suitable 3D model of the future product. The machine will quickly and accurately cut out the decor of any complexity and will help to get a beautiful fireplace portal for your interior. And a wide variety of our models will provide options for even the most demanding customer.

Styles, features:

What are the differences between fireplaces made for this or that style of interior?

Rococo or Baroque fireplaces.

They are characterized by rich lush carvings. Visually they always look very refined and expensive. On the fireplace portals made for the Baroque style, the appropriate decor inherent in this direction is used - active ornate carving, with a large number of curls, acanthus leaves.

The shape of the portal is most often made in the form of the letter "P", but there may be variants. For example, the decor in the center can seem to "dangle", stand out in the middle, creating a shape close to the letter "m".

The mantelpiece will be voluminous, wide, as in fireplaces made in the classical style. But the baroque is characterized by a more vivid expressive carving, including on the shelf itself. Birds, animals, plants can be carved here. Often such a fireplace is painted in a golden color or decorated with gilding.

Classic fireplaces.

Classic fireplaces are likely to have a classic portal, made in the shape of the letter "P". No options. Material - natural wood, natural natural stone, marble. It will be decorated with beautiful carved decor. But unlike the baroque style - will be more laconic.

Appropriate carved decor in the form of small rosettes, garlands, arranged symmetrically. Looks good evenly repeated ornament, acanthus leaves, semi-pillars and pilasters can decorate such portals on the edges of the firebox. But all this is very moderate, without excessive luxury and pretentiousness. Strictly and neatly.

On such a fireplace you can safely put vases, candelabras. They will complement it and give additional sophistication.

usually have an additional wooden shelf on top, the whole structure is made in the form of the letter "D". Carved decoration is minimal or absent.

Fireplaces in the modern style

- can be irregularly shaped, with plant decor, with smooth lines and curves.

Fireplace portals in the Provence style

- with delicate carved decor, can be decorated with figures. But are not overloaded. Often painted in light colors

Portals for fireplaces made in the Gothic style,

most often massive, majestic, solid, monolithic. They can be decorated with a pointed fence, sculptural compositions (figures of mythical creatures on the edges of the central part of the fireplace are appropriate). Decor here is active, bright, but not dressy, but rather austere. Crosses. Abundant carving. Ornaments. The color of such a fireplace will be rather dark. Or black, or dark wood.

On our site there is a huge range of 3d models of fireplaces for CNC machines.

  • You can choose any variant from the presented in the section: 3d models of fireplaces.
  • Or order the production of the model on your photo, sketch, description.

Our artists modelers will help to realize absolutely any desires on the material.

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