3D STL МОДЕЛЬ ДЛЯ ЧПУ и 3D печати - Автомобили и транспорт CARS 2345
Mars vechicle concept

Доработка для 3D принтера 3500 руб.

Предназначена для станков ЧПУ и 3D принтеров.

Может также использоваться в визуализациях и прототипировании.

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The Mars vehicle concept is a design for a specialized vehicle that could be used for transportation on the surface of Mars. This type of vehicle would need to be able to navigate the challenging terrain of the Martian landscape, withstand the harsh conditions on the planet, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for astronauts. Some key features of a Mars vehicle concept may include: 1. All-terrain capabilities: The vehicle would need to be able to traverse a variety of different terrains, such as rocky surfaces, sandy dunes, and steep slopes. It may have large, rugged wheels or tracks to provide traction and stability. 2. Self-sufficiency: The vehicle would need to be equipped with systems for generating power, storing energy, and recycling resources. Solar panels or other renewable energy sources could be used to power the vehicle, and systems for recycling water and air would be essential for long-term missions. 3. Protection from radiation and extreme temperatures: Mars has a thin atmosphere and no magnetic field to shield from harsh solar radiation. The vehicle would need to be designed to protect astronauts from these radiation hazards, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations on the planet. 4. Living quarters: The vehicle may also serve as a temporary living space for astronauts during missions on Mars. It could include sleeping quarters, a small kitchen, and facilities for hygiene and waste disposal. Overall, the Mars vehicle concept would need to be a highly advanced and robust vehicle that can support human exploration and research on the red planet. It would be a crucial component of any future manned missions to Mars.
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